the love'em story

Whilst practising as a Vet in rural New South Wales, I was often asked by pet owners to recommend a wholesome treat that they could reward their pets with as a treat or training aid. Knowing of nothing suitable that met my high standards of health and nutrition, I decided to develop my own.  Using only human grade beef liver sourced from my family butcher, I sliced, oven dried and packaged what was to become the first 100% natural liver treats for dogs and pets.

Word-of-mouth recommendation amongst customers, friends and even other vets saw the demand grow beyond the ability of my home-based business to satisfy. In November 1998 the Show’em How Much You Love’em company was born and the first love’em® liver treats for dogs were successfully launched.

Since then the love’em® brand has become synonymous with healthy pet treats and our range of products has grown ten-fold. More importantly, our company proudly continues its original promise to consumers: “To develop products for pet lovers that enhance both the health of their pets and the enjoyment of pet ownership.”

I’m proud to say that the Show’em How Much You Love’em company uses only local ingredients raised sustainably by regional farmers we know and trust and who are as committed to quality produce as we are.

As well as our commitment to Australian farming, we are equally as committed to Australian manufacturing and employment.

Located on the main Sydney to Brisbane Freeway, Somersby Industrial Park is just an hour from the Sydney CBD and is home to the Show’em How Much You Love’em purpose built plant. It’s here that our dedicated team of people work tirelessly to make sure that you and your pets can continually enjoy healthy and nutritious pet treats of the highest quality. We take pride in providing the best dog treats and dog cookies on the market.

Our commitment to sustainable manufacturing, as well as employment on the Central Coast, we recently installed 120W solar system which allows us to reduce the traditional energy demand by around 17%, offset almost 3000 tonnes of carbon, save 12,000 gigajoules of energy and provide $700,000 of fuel savings over 20 years. It’s these savings that help us to keep our prices competitive and continue our support of Australian manufacturing and employment.

Our commitment to quality flows through every aspect of our business from the sourcing of the finest of raw materials, production and warehousing, through to logistical planning in key areas such as new product development, finance, sales and marketing. Each one of these areas contribute to the overall success of the Show'em How Much You Love’em company’s Somersby plant - but in reality it all comes down to our people and their passion for quality and pride in what they do.

the love'em team

Dr. Marie Rowe BVSc. Founder and registered vet
David Rowe Co-Founder
Karen Finance
Lily Taste tester