1. Shelley Thompson says:

    My dear Georgie girl is 14 yrs and nine months, she is a dear old soul, doesn’t hear much these days and the legs aren’t quite as good as they used to be but she soldiers on.
    Daisie is 10 and 7 months she is a gentle loving sooky girl.
    They are both Kelpie girls.
    Gypsy is a rescue cat. We adopted her 18 months ago and she just clicked with Georgie and Daisie.
    She is an indoor cat with an outside enclosure attached to the house. She is one very content and loving pussycat.

  2. Billy says:

    indie loves “Love ’em” treats and will do anything for them 🙂

  3. Wayne Higgins says:

    My jessie girl is 16 yes old this year although she doesn’t want to walk much theese days she is still going strong .she is a jack Russell xchI. And I love her to bits .

  4. Madi says:

    although usually cheeky, my puppy Jed will be super sweet whenever he can smell treats around!

  5. Alisha Watson says:

    Our 5 dogs love their Love ’em treats but this year is special as our beautiful Phoebe (Black Great Dane) turns 11yrs old in August. she has slowed down a lot and we are sad to think this maybe her last birthday so every day is spent with a blessing that we still have her here to make us smile. She use to love the dried liver treats but its getting too hard for her to eat them so we tried the Liver cookies, it was great to see that spark in her eye when she realized she got someone new. Ahh little things like that make me smile and make my day even better 🙂

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