Love’em joins the Real Pet Food Co. Family

21 years ago we had a dream to make the healthiest treats available for dogs and cats. Dr Marie and David Rowe took a huge leap of faith, faith that pet parents would start to care more than ever about what they feed to their pets, and to demand the very best treats available. Marie […]

A Letter to My Dog

If you wrote a letter to your dog, what would you say? We asked love’em customers to write a letter to their dogs, and this is what they said. My cuddle companion, my protector, why do you do the things you do? There are so many things I wish I could tell you. Could you […]

Things I’ve learned since getting a dog

I owned dogs throughout my whole childhood so I thought that I would be well prepared as an adult to adopt our first family dog a few months ago. However I didn’t realise that during childhood I was wearing heart-shaped goggles and only saw my dogs as wonderful fun companions without all of the responsibility […]

How to stop a dog from chewing everything

Does this image look familiar? My new dog Clifford recently ate a lounge, his bed, and a bean bag and Blair’s dog ate socks for nearly a year, which brings me to write this today. Exhibit A. Clifford How to stop dogs from chewing everything can be a large task made up of multiple steps […]

10 Reasons my dog is the only Valentine I need

1 I’ll never be lonely while he’s around 2 He doesn’t complain about what I choose on Netflix 3 When he’s grumpy, it’s actually really cute 4 He’ll never be able to tell a lie 5 He’s always keen to exercise 6 Anything I choose for dinner is ALWAYS good 7 He cleans the floor […]

Questions to ask before you get a puppy

You may be considering buying or adopting a puppy for your child or spouse this Christmas, I mean, who doesn’t want to receive a puppy as a Christmas present? That’s the dream! But this is a serious step and a (dog’s) lifetime commitment so you should definitely think long and hard about your answers to […]

Star on pack

Real people & pets   At love’em we’re all about being real. We only use real, natural Aussie ingredients in our treats, and the people on our packs are real owners with their pets. Bec wants to let you know about her journey after becoming a love’em treats star. Back in 2010, my best friend […]

Chicken does NOT contain hormones

We recently received this customer question and wanted to share the answer with you all, as there’s a very common misconception about Australian chicken and the way it’s produced. Hi, are your chicken liver treats hormone and antibiotic free?” So, are there hormones in chicken? Contrary to popular belief, Australian chickens are not given hormones […]

Top 10 best dog products you need today!

We have so much fun working in the pet industry and seeing the amazing dog products on the market. We’ve put together a list of our staff picks for the top 10 best dog products that you absolutely need to see! We’ve found a variety of amazing tools and the best interactive dog toys that will definitely add […]

Treats for dogs with pancreatitis, and other health issues

A lot of pet parents over the years have approached me with the question “I have a dog with pancreatitis, what treats can I feed him?” Dogs with pancreatitis and other health conditions such as beef or wheat allergies, liver or kidney disease do best when fed a special diet and it’s easy to become […]