Chicken does NOT contain hormones

We recently received this customer question and wanted to share the answer with you all, as there’s a very common misconception about Australian chicken and the way it’s produced. Hi, are your chicken liver treats hormone and antibiotic free?” So, are there hormones in chicken? Contrary to popular belief, Australian chickens are not given hormones […]

Treats for dogs with pancreatitis, and other health issues

A lot of pet parents over the years have approached me with the question “I have a dog with pancreatitis, what treats can I feed him?” Dogs with pancreatitis and other health conditions such as beef or wheat allergies, liver or kidney disease do best when fed a special diet and it’s easy to become […]

how much liver is it safe to feed my dog?

I’m often asked how many love’em liver treats you should feed your dog. As dogs come in all shapes, sizes and appetites this is a tricky one to answer, but the simplest answer is that you should only feed 1 gram of liver per kg of you dog’s weight. That’s 10 grams of liver for […]

Treats NOT to feed to dogs

What NOT to treat As we head into the holiday season our pets will undoubtedly be tempted by many delicious treats, and with joy in the air and visitors coming and going it’s easy for the food rules to fall by the wayside. Unfortunately many pets get sick at this time of year from ingesting […]