Treats for dogs with pancreatitis, and other health issues

A lot of pet parents over the years have approached me with the question “I have a dog with pancreatitis, what treats can I feed him?” Dogs with pancreatitis and other health conditions such as beef or wheat allergies, liver or kidney disease do best when fed a special diet and it’s easy to become […]

how much is too much

I’m often asked how many love’em liver treats you should feed your dog. As dogs come in all shapes, sizes and appetites this is a tricky one to answer, but the simplest answer is that you should only feed 1 gram of liver per kg of you dog’s weight. That’s 10 grams of liver for […]

Fireworks Fear

Across Australia many cities and towns host fireworks displays to celebrate the New Year and Australia Day. Unfortunately, many dogs are scared of fireworks, which can put them at risk of hurting themselves or running away. Dogs are biologically programmed to run away from loud noises so we often hear of dogs jumping high fences and […]

Treats NOT to feed

What NOT to treat As we head into the holiday season our pets will undoubtedly be tempted by many delicious treats, and with joy in the air and visitors coming and going it’s easy for the food rules to fall by the wayside. Unfortunately many pets get sick at this time of year from ingesting […]

Dr Marie’s essential summer tips

Dogs and cats love nothing more than stretching out and relaxing in the warmth of the summer sun and I, for one, can understand why. As we hit the heights of our Australian summer, we need to take some precautionary measures with our furry family to avoid preventable trips to the vets with summer related […]

nutrition tip – dogs and bones

Dogs love bones, and we love to give our dogs bones knowing how much they love’em. But what are the right bones to give our 4 legged friends? To protect your dog’s health and wellbeing remember the number one rule – never feed your dog cooked bones. Cooked bones can easily splinter and cause internal […]

training tip – come when called

This is such an important skill for all dogs. Come when called is essential when out and about and most challenging when at the dog park or on the beach. Start off by getting your dog’s attention by calling her name ‘Lily’, (show her the love’em treat, bend forward slightly) and hold out your arms […]

training tips – toilet training

There are 2 key steps to effectively toilet training your dog. Firstly, recognising when to take them outside and secondly, rewarding them for weeing outside. The most effective toilet training method is reward-based positive reinforcement training and the key to the success of reward-based positive reinforcement training is timing. The reward must happen immediately after […]

training tip – sit

This is an easy one for your dog to learn, and is the foundation of many more clever moves! Wait until your dog is getting hungry (just before mealtime is perfect). Hold some love’em liver treats or puppy rewards in your hand and get your dog’s attention by calling their name. Hold your hand with […]

training tip – getting your dog’s attention

Getting your dog’s attention in all circumstances is the first, and possibly the most important, thing to teach your dog. Learning to immediately look at you when called could well save her life, so let’s make paying attention worthwhile for her. Begin at home. Each morning, fill a small bag or your pocket with some […]


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