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Everything! Love’em treats are developed and guaranteed by Dr Marie Rowe BVSc.MSc. 100% natural with no fillers or additives, love’em treats truly are ‘the healthy way to treat your pet’
With the exception of a couple of very minor ingredients, it is. We proudly source our ingredients from Australian farmers and suppliers we know and trust.
Did you know that, as beef collagen is a by-product of the tanning industry, you can’t actually find Australian produced beef collagen. We therefore focused on sourcing a quality product from a reputable and trusted provider overseas – a provider that uses sustainable methods without the use of unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals in the production process. Our chosen provider, based in Thailand, is known, trusted and approved by Dr Marie Rowe.
We’re glad you’re interested as we’re proud of the ingredients we use. All information on the ingredients we use as well as their purpose and benefits can be found here
Not at all. We’re very proud to say that our liver treats contain one ingredient only – liver. Our process for drying the liver for our treats is unique and means that we don’t use fillers or additives at all.
Absolutely. We are based on the beautiful central coast of NSW and are extremely proud to say we are truly 100% Australian owned and operated.
A great guideline is around 1g per kg (eg. 10g per day for your 10kg dog)
Indeed you can. As well as buying from major supermarkets and pet speciality stores, you can now order the full love’em range directly online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
You sure can by emailing She’ll reply to you directly.

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Creating an account on line helps us to share love’em with you. Once you have an account, you’ll get the benefits of being part of the love’em family including discounts, special offers, news, tips and rewards.
Absolutely not – we respect your privacy and value you as our customer too much. You can check out our privacy policy right here.
We sent you an email immediately after your purchase. In this email there is a tracking code for Australia Post eParcel which will enable you to check your where your product currently is.
Australia Post will hold your order at your local Post Office where you can pick your products up when you have time.
Almost! Our loyalty program is coming soon and will give you even more reasons to buy love'em products
You can. Let us know it’s a gift, and the name of the recipient and we’ll do something extra special.
Yes, they do. All of our products include GST.
All of our products are fully guaranteed by Dr Marie Rowe. If you have any problem with your products or your 4 legged friend just doesn’t like them, email us at and we’ll arrange a full refund.

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