how much liver is it safe to feed my dog?

I’m often asked how many love’em liver treats you should feed your dog. As dogs come in all shapes, sizes and appetites this is a tricky one to answer, but the simplest answer is that you should only feed 1 gram of liver per kg of you dog’s weight. That’s 10 grams of liver for a 10kg dog. What does 10 grams look like though? How much does my dog weigh? Why is this important?


Your dog CAN have too much of a good thing. Too much vitamin A, found in liver, can cause big problems for your little friend, so it’s important to stick to the recommended maximum intake as to not overload your dog’s body.

what does 10 grams look like?

It’s difficult to convert grams into a physical size without a visual reference, so here’s what 10 grams of liver looks like. It is roughly enough to cover the palm of your hand.

dog weights

Dog weights can vary quite a lot, but as a general guide here are some examples:

  • Pug 7kg
  • Border Collie 20kg
  • German Shepherd 30kg
  • Malamute 45kg

If you have a toy dog, feed no more than half of a palm-full of liver. For medium dogs you can feed 1-2, and very large dogs can have 3 if you want to spoil them rotten!

Dr. Marie Rowe





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