nutrition tip – dogs and bones

Dogs love bones, and we love to give our dogs bones knowing how much they love’em. But what are the right bones to give our 4 legged friends?

To protect your dog’s health and wellbeing remember the number one rule – never feed your dog cooked bones. Cooked bones can easily splinter and cause internal damage so give your dogs raw bones and all their benefits. Raw bones keep our dogs occupied, are a great source of calcium – vital for growth and development – and play a key role in keeping teeth and gums healthy. Raw bones such as lamb ribs, chicken necks, wings and chicken frames are perfect   As dogs love bones so much, it’s important to supervise them when they have bones. Make sure that children and visitors don’t approach them when eating as they could become overprotective.

Remember that there are two distinct types of bones; those that are eaten easily and quite quickly, are nutritional, and provide all of the above listed benefits. Bones that are too large or tough, and end up scattered over the back yard, or buried in the lawn, and dug up or chewed on over many days, are more of a “toy” and a great occupier for your dog. Consider your purpose for giving your dog a bone when choosing which bone.

Finally don’t be tempted to give them too many large bones (ie. daily). A couple a week is fine otherwise you may find your best friend is suddenly a little ‘windy’ and possibly constipated as well as wear down their teeth. When your dog does enjoy a large bone, don’t forget to make allowance in the food that you then give them. Bones provide nutrition and energy so reduce the meal quantity they would normally have.

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