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When my son Peter (who’s on the front of this pack) became the proud owner of his first pet, we searched for a tasty treat he could give his puppy for learning and maintaining good behaviour. It was hard to find treats that were tasty, healthy and nutritious so I decided to make my own. Using 100% natural ingredients, my love’em liver puppy rewards have added calcium to help puppies’ teeth and bones grow strong and healthy. Puppy rewards are also a suitable treat for small teacup dogs, or dogs with diabetes.

Why love’em liver puppy rewards?

  • Added calcium to help your puppy’s teeth and bones grow strong and healthy
  • The perfect training treat
  • 100% Australian owned and made
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Made from the finest human grade liver and grains from local farmers
  • Low in salt and high in quality protein
  • Oven baked to our own unique, specially formulated recipe
  • A truly healthy way to reward your puppy for great behaviour

What’s in the love’em puppy rewards bag?

Australian wheat flour, Australian beef and pork liver, tallow, starch, salt and calcium

Typical analysis –crude protein 28%, crude fat 16%, salt 0.7%