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At love’em we’re all about being real. We only use real, natural Aussie ingredients in our treats, and the people on our packs are real owners with their pets. Bec wants to let you know about her journey after becoming a love’em treats star.

Back in 2010, my best friend and I got to take a few pics for love’em and ended up on the front of the linseed & rosemary cookies. Love’em had heard that Lewis had passed away recently and they sent a beautiful letter thanking us for being great brand ambassadors. But I really have them to thank. I have one of the most awesome memories any dog-mum could ever have and every time I see our treats, I smile. Love’em also sent a gift package for our new foster dog Neddy. He’s pretty stoked, especially with the squeaky ball! He wants you to know that we’re past this ‘foster’ thing now and he’s decided to stay and become a Reinhard just like Lewis.”

love'em linseed rosemary liver cookies

Being a love’em star is more than just taking some photos. It’s one of the most exciting things you can do as a pet parent, and every time you walk through the shops you’ll see your pet’s face on the shelf- how amazing is that!

We’re looking for more stars for our upcoming products. If you love the camera and your pet, send us a picture of you with your pet and we’ll add you to our database.


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