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a winter tip

Keeping our pets warm in winter is something a lot of people forget about. Not all pets are equipped to handle temperature drops, especially toy and smaller short-haired breeds. Create a warm haven inside where your pet can sleep during the winter months, a bed and blanket are essential. For particularly cold nights you should consider a doggie jumper or a heated mat. Keeping your pet warm is important for their health, but no matter what efforts you go to, elderly dogs can still start to feel their age when it’s cold. Try feeding love’em joint care cookies with glucosamine to help with arthritis pain of older dogs, and keep them as snuggly as you can. Cats and dogs grow a winter coat when it’s cold and their bodies work overtime to keep their temperature up, so you may notice that you need to increase their food intake to keep up with their appetite for a while- this is okay! If your pet absolutely can’t sleep inside during winter, try to make a warm haven in the garage, shed or carport for them with a thermal bed or a covered kennel.


The new financial year is upon us again! To celebrate EOFY we have 20% off until the end of June in our online store. Hurry over to get your pets a tail-wagging deal!

our newest ambassadors

We’d like to extend a big, warm welcome to our newest brand ambassadors, Nepean Therapy Dogs. If you haven’t heard of NTD, they’re a fantastic bunch of volunteers who work tirelessly to bring trained therapy dogs to local hospitals, nursing homes and schools. Nepean Therapy Dogs help to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and to lighten up the mood with palliative care families. Nepean Therapy Dogs is a registered charity and 100% of donations go towards training these gorgeous dogs and allowing the volunteer staff to provide these services to patients. Please check out their website and share the love with your friends!

sydney dog lovers show

The next Dog Lovers Show is here! And boy do we have some news. For the very first time we will be selling SHOWBAGS for both big and small dogs! Come and visit us at the Sydney Dog Lovers Show from 5th – 6th of August, we’ll be at stand R466. Everyone who visits our stand will go into the draw to win love’em hampers, and you’ll also walk away with a prize from our spinning wheel! There’s so much love to share at the Dog Lovers Show, we can’t wait to see you all there.

We’re giving away FOUR adult passes to the Sydney Dog Lovers Show! To enter, just SHOW us how much you’d love to go. You can enter a written message, photo, video, picture, anything you like. Extra points for creativity! To enter, tag us on Instagram @loveemtreats with #dlsfreeticketentry OR post your entry on our facebook page OR enter here on our competition page. Winner is decided 6th July at 9am and announced via Facebook, Instagram and email. Good luck!

our fave fan photo

This is Buster trying really super hard not to eat his love’em cookies. It looks like he’s mastered his impulse control, what a good boy! To send us your fave photos post them on our facebook page or email them to

love’em sponsorships

With all of the wonderful support from our loyal customers, we’re able to support so many groups and rescues each month. These are just some of the recent well-deserving recipients. Thank you all for the love.


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