training tip – sit

This is an easy one for your dog to learn, and is the foundation of many more clever moves! Wait until your dog is getting hungry (just before mealtime is perfect). Hold some love’em liver treats or puppy rewards in your hand and get your dog’s attention by calling their name. Hold your hand with the treat as a focus point, at your dogs nose and watch as your dog glues their nose to the treat. Slowly move your hand up over his nose and back between the ears to lure him into a sit. As you move your hand back, his hindquarters should sink to the ground and – hey presto – he’s sitting. As he sits, immediately say ‘good’ in an excited voice and reward with the treat in your hand immediately. Again, it’s so important that you reward immediately (within 1 second) so that your dog learns to associate the right behaviour with the reward.

Continue to practice. Once your dog is sitting consistently, introduce the command word ‘sit’ with the movement. You can then progress to ‘sit’ in the yard, when out walking or in the park and you’ll have a whole new dimension of control. Always remember to smile, praise enthusiastically and reward with a delicious love’em treat immediately. Your dog will love you for it.

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